Yoshiko Matsui

YOSHIKO MATSUI was born in Tokyo and raised in Saitama, Japan.  Her parent loves singing, especially her father liked listening modern music such as Jazz, Chanson and Classical music.  She had started musical lesson with an electric organ since 4 years old.  Joined marching band as a snare drummer in junior school and junior hi-school, formed a band and played Rock and Pops in high-school.  After such teens she enrolled Shobi junior college of music and studied music composition from Akihiro Komori.  Also playing keyboard and piano in bars, hotels and restaurants and at that time she devoted herself into Jazz music.  After her graduation she has visited New York several times and studied Jazz in Barry Harries workshop.

She played with Junichiro Ohkuchi (Piano), Satoshi Kosugi (Bass), Takayuki Koizumi (Drums) and Teruo Goto (Tenor Sax) in her 1st album “Aozora – The Heavens” which she produced in 2009 spring.  The album included her original songs “Aozora – The Heavens”, “I’m Alone Again” and “The Moon”.

Her 2nd album “Time Alone” in 2013 autumn, an apt title for this CD – Yoshiko is unaccompanied – just her at the piano. But, she is also in the good company of such greats as George and Ira Gershwin, Richard Rogers, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Sting. She has chosen songs by these great artists and arranged them to fit her style so well that you would think she wrote them. But she did write two of the songs on this CD.  (this section  is written by Mark Knox, Arranger, Recording/Mastering Engineer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

She has organized duo “pomchege” with Shigeo Sugiyama, who is originally a jazz bassist and known as a good vocalist for Brazilian music, and played together since March 2015.

Many of audience say they feel comforted so that her music has healing power and is there for.

She plays mainly Tokyo area.

as of 2017.11.06